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The transformation to the industry 4.0 will have taken place just in years. However, IT-security-risks are already a topic in the production environment today.

  • We provide support from planning to successful implementation of the corresponding security measures ...

Service Provider

Continuously rising data consumption can lead to high costs for companies. In the provider environment energy-, storage- and line-capacities play additionally a significant role.

  • Together with our customers we realise real-time and long-term evaluations for capacities by means of our monitoring solutions!

Health Care

Hospitals, health insurance companies, manufacturers of medical devices and also pharmaceutical companies. These industries are affected by a flood of technology and information without clear standardisation, provision or protection systems!

  • Together with our customers we plan effective security mechanisms and realise the resulting security design up to the manufacturer's implementation.


Generally supervisory authorities in the financial sector rely on a certified realisation of all measures in the field of information security. However, nowadays measures of a certification are not sufficiant to allow a stable information security in the financial sector.

  • Our customers increasingly value additional security measures such as Honeypots and implement real-time security scanners for their online systems.

What would a security incident cost for you?

In most cases a public security incident would cause a consideralbe financial gap and mean the end of a company. Of course there are much more further reasons why in the today's financial world there is hardly a way around a customer-optimised security system.

Security is not a State but a Process!