CDN - Anycast Network

Accelerated data transfer - scalable, secure and globally available

Our Content Delivery Network was built to perfect a global network of security, performance and reliability. Take the chance and change to new possibilities!

We protect your online world

With our network partners, we accelerate and protect your website! Thank's to the anycast technology, our service can scale with any server we add to our growing presence in data centers.

We provide you with more than 150 data centers with a capacity of 10 Tbit worldwide. Long lantencies and server failures are a thing of the past.....

The basis of this success can be summarized easily:

  • Performance - fast - efficient and optimized
    CDN, DNS, Web-Optimization and SSL
  • Security - enhanced - strong and trustworthy
    DDos protection, WAF, SSL, Registrierung, DNSSEC
  • Reliability - proprietary - strategic and present
    DNS, China & Asian, IPv6, DDos Schutz, Always Online, Rate limitation
  • Knowledge - meaningful - informative and analytical
    Analytics and Rate limiting

The quattroSEC GmbH combines all security-relevant topics in the information and communication technology needed to ensure a scalable ad stable function of your infrastructure.


                                                                                                                 We Love What We Do ...

                                                                                                                  .... your security is our mission!