Distributet Denial of Service - protection

Take countermeasures by using our 4 pillar DDoS protection

First step is of course: Create a secure an stable infrastructure for your business. DDoS attacks are a hot topic and it's aim is to comprise your availability. Attackers abuse previously infected computers (botnets) for remote-controlled DDoS attacks. With this botnet, huge amounts of requests are sent to the destination. The resulting overloading of the service (DDoS) slows down your service for several hours or even days.


  • Prepare infrastructure::
    Creation of a manufacturer-independent infrastructure adapted to your company
  • Detection:
    Attack detection with the help of our software, central data analysis and preparation of countermeasures
  • Defense:
    System starts with defensive measures
  • Mitigation:
    Mitigation and cleanup with the help of a scrubbing center or mitigation center

Take advantage of our expertise and our many years of experience:

  • Use the possibility of scaling, your internet structure can be adapted

  • Real-time monitoring allows short times of reaction

  • You do not need to spend money on expensive solutions to protect your availability

  • Cost transparency and customized solutions for your protection

  • Software options that automatically detect attacks and intervene in a controlled manner

  • By using the anycast technology, even the largest DDoS attack is given no chance



Let's analyse your business process together!

We advice you on your optimal solution for protection against DDoS while using our 4 pillar principe!


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