Infrastructure Monitoring

Analyze data flow in detail and set targeted measures!

At all times, you want be sure that your infrastructure is alwas working properly in all its functions, and that it is always available without restrictions.

Infrastructure Montoring is designed to control the flow of data in or out of the network in real-time and to ensure high-performance and constant data traffic.  Of course, packets that pass through a network can also be analyzed and analyzed for days after our solution has been completed.

Monitoring also means that the data flow is analyzed in detail. This is done to see if connections take the desired path and certain thresholds are met. In the event of anomalies, measures are taken promptly by our specialists.

You benefit from our solution:

Our professional monitoring solution allows an early detection of problems in the network and makes proactive action possible. It's a real-time monitoring system which transmits the current state of your infrastructure to you. Regardless of whether that are hardware, application, services or business processes - you know what's happening with your ICT!

  • Costomer-oriented, vendor-neutral determination of requirements
  • Support in the selection of monitoring parameters and treshold values
  • Installation, configuration and documentation
  • Determination of the MIB variable for the performance monitoring
  • Evaluation of the RMON statistics
  • Correlation of events and SNMP traps
  • Customer-specific trainings and workshops
  • Full managed product updates and patch maintance
  • Migration of an existing solution
  • Establishment of customer-specific Unix/Linux monitors
  • Monitoring of Windows systems, application and services
  • Monitoring of active network components
  • Establishment of alergtings via e-mail and/or SMS
  • Support services and individual extension options according to the customer's requirements

Manufacturer Overview:


We Love What We Do...

                ... your security is our mission!

Tailored for the customer:

Together, we will analyze your ICT infrastructure and develop a tailor-made real-time monitoring system for you!

We will gladly assist you with the product selection, the subsequent implementation and of course the ongoing support and maintenance of your monitoring infrastructure so that you do not have to worry about the technical details.

With Infrastructure Monitoring you benefit from our 7/24 service. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!