Smart home &  office security- certainly from Austria

Together with our partners such as the Upper Austrian company Loxone and our technology partners in the KNX (EIB) area, we are your partner for the planning and programming of smart solutions when it comes to your safety.

Intelligent building systems provide you with considerable comfort and we deliver the associated safety standards you need to enjoy trouble-free and safe operation!

We offer our customers our experience in the following areas:

  • video surveillance
  • alarm system
  • access control
  • energy and building management
  • heating and air conditioning
  • fire protection

Video surveillance, alarm system & access control

As an entrepreneur you should not limit your security but strengthen it!

Access controls can already be easily created and integrated in many areas today. The video surveillance and alarm system will make you all-round protection perfect. These current topics are worked out individually on the customers need in order to comply with the current data protection guidelines.


Building Management & Efficient Energy Use

The productivity of your employees increases in a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

With the help of a functioning building management, a well-being temperature can be set before the start of work. The privacy screen or shading is optimally adapted to the weather. Needs and habits are anticipated and the focus is 100% on your business.

Values such as comfort, professionalism and safety can be perfectly combined.


                                                                                                         We Love What We Do ...

                                                                                                          .... your security is our mission!